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State enterprise TURTO BANKAS

Turto Bankas was established to reconstruct, manage and sell non-performing loans, redeemed from commercial banks, identified by the Government. Loans and assets are to be managed and sold in a manner allowing the losses of the Government and simultaneously of all the citizens of Lithuania due to bank crisis to be maximally reduced. More about Turto Bankas »


State-owned real estate renewal

One of the Bank's main duties is to organize and coordinate renewal of state-owned real estate. There are a lot of very attractive objects in Bank‘s responsibility, which will be sold in the nearest Auctions. Those real estate objects are located all over the country: in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, etc. Some of them could be seen as a big investment projects, the other – as a possibility to reconstruct them into dwelling houses or small offices. Please find more detail information about the real estate for sale >>>