Spheres of operation

Principal activities of SE ”Turto bankas“ are: implementation of centralised management of the state-owned real estate, organisation of privatisation of shares belonging to the State and municipalities by the right of ownership, debt recovery for the State, and administration of loans, state guarantees and other estate liabilities transferred under agency agreements.

Centralised management functions performed by the State Enterprise “Turto bankas” include management, use and disposal of the state-owned real estate transferred under the right of trust, organisation of public auctions of redundant state-owned property, administration of the unified state-owned assets informative online search system, and other functions delegated to the enterprise under the efficient legal acts.

While carrying out activities of debt recovery for the state, SE “Turto bankas” administrates loans granted from funds borrowed on behalf of the State, guarantees granted on behalf of the State and loans arising in relation to the execution of such guarantees, sells non-performing assets taken over from commercial banks named by the Government and purchased for Government securities, recovers tax arrears to the State Tax Inspectorate and Customs Department, financial support from the European Union utilised with violation of legal acts, debts to the Guarantee Fund and other public institutions under the transferred rights of claim. Outcomes of the debt recovery for the State performed by the state enterprise ”Turto bankas“ amount to over EUR 0.405 billion of recovered debts.


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