Joint-stock company „Klaipėdos žuvininkystės produktų aukcionas“ 100 % shareholding

Initial selling price 572 400 Eur

The public auction dossier is available from 26/03/2018 to16/04/2018 
The sales price of the dossier is EUR 145
Bank account number for payment for the dossier – LT51 7044 0600 0044 3925 SEB bank, AB

The time of the object inspection subject to prior arrangement.
Contacts for object inspection: Grazina Vezeliene, phone +370 527 80 938,
mob. phone +370 614 85 873, e-mail

Registration of potential buyers envelopes with applications for participation in the auction from 09/04/2018 to 17/04/2018

The time of opening bids by potential buyers is 18/04/2018 at 14:00

Activity: Fish sorting and recycling, purchase of fishery products, ice production
Yearly income 2017 m. – 25 thousand euro
Total building area – 1450 sq.m.
Total land area  – 0,1146 ha

Fish Auction Building, Nemuno str. 40B, Klaipeda
Building plot – 1374,20 m²
Ice workshop 
Building plot – 76,13 m²
Land plot (rented) – 0,1446 ha, Nemuno str. 40B, Klaipeda, allowed 0.0609 ha embankment construction part.

Qualification requirements for potential buyers:
the potential buyer must meet the requirements of the Law on the Protection of Important Objects to the National Security of the Republic of Lithuania. Those requirements will also have to be met by the person (natural or legal) for which the auction winner resells the Company’s shares or the Company will sell the real estate.

Rights of third parties in a privatized object:
1. AB DNB bank (now Luminor Bank AB) to provide the credit line and credit agreement:
   1.1. Mortgage contract pledges fish auction, ice-cellar buildings and the right to sublease a plot of land.
   1.2. Current and future (receivable) cash flows from the Company in all and future accounts are presented as financial collateral.
2. The assets of the company were arrested for the enforcement of obligations, and the right to dispose of the property is restricted.

Privatization conditions:
1. Potential buyer (public auction winner) must comply with the support agreement 14/08/2014 of the third priority axis of the Lithuanian Fisheries Sector 2007-2013 Action Program “Measures of Common Interest” “Fishing ports, marinas, landing places” 3UOS-3-14-01-PR001 conditions.
2. A potential buyer (public auction winner) must comply with the requirements of the Klaipeda State Seaport Act and the Port Use Regulations, approved by the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania on 07/07/1997 commandment No. 264
3. A potential buyer (public auction winner) in the port territory can only carry out commercial and economic activities that correspond to the functional purpose of Klaipeda State Seaport.

1. In compliance with Paragraph 5 of Article 12 of the Law on the Protection of Important Objects Security to the National Security of the Republic of Lithuania, SE Turto Bankas will appeal to the Coordination Commission for the Protection of Objects of Importance to the National Security with the request to verify the compliance of the successful bidder – the public auction winner with the national security interests. In the event that the Government of the Republic of Lithuania decides that the winner of a public auction does not meet national security interests, the auction will be deemed to have failed.
2. The costs of the purchase contract, including the salary of a notary, shall be paid by the auction winner. If the winner of the auction does not arrive at the specified time to sign the sales contract, the costs of the conclusion of the contract shall include the repeat certificates of the registers.

Information on the object of privatization is provided:

Financial asset sales department

Director Benitas Jonikas
Phone +370 5 278 09 62; mob. phone +370 615 89390; e-mail

Head of Privatization and Contracts Group Girda Valiulyte
Phone +370 5 278 09 04, mob. phone +370 646 00544, e-mail

Senior specialist of Privatization and Contracts Group Grazina Vezeliene 
Phone +370 5 278 0938, mob. phone +370 614 85873, e-mail

Land-plot No.: 235, Nemuno str. 40B (rented) – 0,1446 ha and allowed to use the quay construction part (occupying 609 m² of space)
Buildings at Klaipeda, Nemuno str. 40B
Fish Auction Building (plot 1374,20 m²)
Ice workshop (plot 76,13 m²)

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